My Services

Multi Faceted Artist Working With Stone, Wood, Metal And Paint.

Creates large scale public art works and smaller more personalized sculptured forms and paintings. Elemental in nature, conceptual in thought, practical in application. Working with structure and form, expressing a deep connection to the environment.


“Evolution Stone” was born of the notion that stonework provided a canvas for creativity, combining passions of sculpture and design, horticulture and landscaping.

Walls and Arches

With each project, I aim to create sculptural forms that offset and work with the natural landscape. This involves a consideration of the practical and aesthetic aspects of stonework, playing with form, proportion, angles, curves, colour, texture, composition and ease of placement.


My initial idea of sculpture was to find a stone with character. From this original inception new forms began to emerge. I began to carve my reflection into the stone. Upon seeing my form, I wanted to give it life and spirit.

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