About me

Kashmir’s art features bold fluid forms inspired by natural geometric principles.

Kashmirs’s work bears tribute to these past familial influences, and to the nature and landscape of the Margaret River Region in which he grew up.

Kashmir Rouw hails from a long lineage of artists. His ancestor Peter Rouw (1771-1852) was a London-based sculptor, specialising in bas-reliefs in marble for church monuments and wax miniature portraiture, and was Chief Modeler of cameos and gems to the Prince Regent of the Royal Family of England. His work was widely commissioned to other royal bloodlines and can be seen scattered throughout churches and cathedrals in Europe. Kashmir’s mother is a ceramic artist and his father, a stonemason and landscaper.

His work ranges from large iconic public arts sculptures, photography, painting and fabric design. His sculptures grace the coastline from Gnarabup to Mainbreak and are scattered around the Margaret River region, at the Skate Park, Karate Club and the Education Campus. He sculpts from his workshop adjoining the Triple AAA Studios in the Light Industrial Area and paints and designs fabric from his home studio and gallery in Margaret River.

Kashmir’s figurative and abstract works play with man’s interconnection with nature – carved stone faces pulled from ancient weathered limestone, bushfire-rescued tree sculptures evoking rebirth, portal-like free-standing stone monuments, and hanging and stacked modulated free-standing sculptures. Stone and cement pots and vessels reflect these creative principles on a smaller scale.

His paintings and t-shirt fabric design similarly draw inspiration from the local landscape and are characterized by bold hues and soft fluid brushstrokes, botanical imprints and geometric principles.

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