Refuge 2014

Funded by: Bushfire Recovery Working Group Technique and materials Limestone and cement Ownership Shire of Augusta Margaret River “REFUGE” denotes the place of community congregation during the devastating fires of 2011. People sought refuge under the boat ramp while fire fighters fought flames engulfing thenearby White  Elephant cafe, another iconic community meeting place.  This sculpture is a monument…
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Margaret River Education Campus 2000

My first public arts commission was a contract for stonework with embedded sculptural installation at the Margaret River Education Campus. This project explored the different permutations of pattern composition and breaking down objectified shapes to create puzzles within my works.  The project also incorporated textural imprinting of outer structural walls, producing vine-like patterns using clay…
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Sun, Moon and Stars 2004

Funded by: Healthway Technique and materials Limestone Ownership Shire of Augusta Margaret River

The Source 2008

Technique and materials Limestone, limecement and Donnybrook sandstone Ownership Edwards Winery Signifies our connection back to earth, water and nature . Harnessing the energy of the landscape.

Spiral Shellta 2013

Funded by: Royalties for Regions Super Town Funding Technique and materials Stone, sand, cement, concrete Footings, F8-4 Trench mesh Ownership Shire of Augusta Margaret River The shelter is modelled on the mirabilis shell spiral used as a template for creating the outer form. This shell-like form also merges with reference to the wavesand the ocean. This correlation of waves and…
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Sculpture always held an intrinsic appeal, whether this is inextricably linked to a familial past or simply in recognition of the energy I felt emanate from the rocks I worked in stonemasonry. I noticed that the stone coming from the earth and from the quarry held different energies. Similarly, an old moss-covered paddock rock had a…
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Playing with fabric print is a childhood dream. As a teenager, I did work experience in a graphic design and printing studio where I produced my very first ‘Kashmir Rouw’ (t-shirt). This seeded the idea of affordable wearable art, in lieu of what I felt was generally uninspired ‘pedestrian’ fashion.  A few years ago, I started making…
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Stone Masonry

“Evolution Stone” was born of the notion that stonework provided a canvas for creativity, combining passions of sculpture and design, horticulture and landscaping.  With an abundance and variety of local stone to work with, every job poses different challenges but this is what holds the greatest appeal and gives the greatest satisfaction. The patchwork process of stonemasonry…
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For me the process of putting paint onto canvas, and losing myself in the process, is the ultimate form of self expression. The culmination of colour, texture and tone playing out in the 2-dimensional plane offers a unique medium for the unconscious to express.  For me the process of putting paint onto canvas, and losing myself in…
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I enjoy the instantaneity of photography as an art form. I enjoy documenting landscape, playing with long exposures to create painterly effects and instill a sense of timelessness to my work. I have played extensively with a technique I call light sculpting that uses the movement of light to sculpt images with slow shutter speeds. I…
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